4.33 I've Got 89 Problems but Richmond Ain't One

All the fallout from the Grand Final, the Suns get a generous but possible useless assistance package, JLo aims high at Fremantle and all the trade rumours* in this week's Handy Point.

*Not all trade rumours discussed.

4.32 Put That In Your Fyfe and Smoke It

Nat Fyfe is the 2019 Brownlow medalist, the guy who finished 5th is looking to switch clubs, the ARC fails to deliver and there's also a grand final to talk about in this week's edition of Handy Point.

4.29 Getting The Answers You Want

Who would have thought a boring bye week would yield such tangy fruit? Get all the latest on trade news and angles on Tim Kelly, Joe Daniher and more. We take a look into the AFL's new ARC system for reviewing...everything, and how the Crow's external review is getting a bit Yes Minister. Oh, we also consider some finals happening this weekend.

4.18 Pinchy

Some "resolved" and some not so resolved issues emerging from this week's football, such as just how far off the mark is the AFL with their stance on game day security, why is Jeff Kennett not being sanctioned for his bigoted remarks?, is Horse Longmire worth more than the best player in the competition and how significant is Jaiyden Stephenson's gambling indiscretion?